List of NFC-enabled mobile devices

Note: NFC function availability of some phone models depends on the market/region.

Google Pixel
iPhone SE Galaxy S3 Nexus S P8 Mi Mix One
iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Galaxy S4 Nexus 4 P8 Lite Mi Mix2 3
iPhone 8 / 8 Plus Galaxy S5 Nexus 5 P9 Mi Mix2s 3T
iPhone X Galaxy S6 Nexus 6 P9 Lite Mi Mix3 5
iPhone XR Galaxy S6 Edge Nexus 5X P9 Plus Mi5 5T
iPhone XS Galaxy S6 Edge+ Nexus 6P P10 Mi5s 6
iPhone S7 Galaxy S7 Edge Pixel P10 Lite Mi5 Plus 6T
iPhone 11 Galaxy S8 / S8+ Pixel XL P10 Plus Mi6 / 6x 7
iPhone 11 Pro Galaxy S9 / S9+ Pixel 2 P20 Mi8 7 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max Galaxy S10 / S10+ Pixel 2XL P20 Lite Mi8 Lite 7T
iPhone 12 Galaxy S20 / S20+ Pixel 3 P20 Pro Mi8 Pro 8
iPhone 12 Pro Galaxy A20 Pixel 3XL P30 Mi9 8 Pro
iPhone 12 Mini Galaxy A20e Pixel 3A P30 Lite Mi9 SE 8T
iPhone 12 Pro Max Galaxy A30 Pixel 3aXL P30 Pro Mi Note2 9
iPhone 13 Galaxy A50 Pixel 4 Mate 8,9,10 Mi Note3 9 Pro
iPhone 13 Mini Galaxy A51 Pixel 4A Mate 20 Redmi K20 10
iPhone 13 Pro Galaxy Fold / Fold 2 Pixel 4XL Mate 20 Lite Redmi K20 Pro 10 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro Max Note 8,9,10,20 Pixel 5 Mate 20 Pro Redmi K30 10T
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